The latest movie directed by Ryutaro Ninomiya, which was officially selected for the Cannes Film Festival alongside directors Takeshi Kitano and Hirokazu Koreeda. Wataru (Ryota Bando), a quiet worker at a factory, Eiji (Rion Takahashi), a hot-blooded employee at a restaurant, and Mitsunori (Naoya Shimizu), seemingly gentle a caregiver, are childhood friends. On a late autumn afternoon, with time on their hands, they, in the name of ‘Reformation’ aimlessly bare their fangs at the petty transgressions and discrimination of the people in the town. This ‘Reformation’ gradually morphs into ‘violence.’ The long-awaited latest masterpiece from Ryutaro Ninomiya who continues to overwhelm the world with his unique style. This is the story of young people resisting the future while questioning life amidst their nowhere to turn to in daily lives.Foreign DramaPT1H43M12A2024-06-24
Ryota Bando
Rion Takahashi
Naoya Shimizu
Ryutaro Ninomiya


June 24, 3:00 pm

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