Second Run Sundays: Interrogation (Przesłuchanie)

INTERROGATION (PRZESŁUCHANIE), 1982 + Introduction In 1950s Stalinist Poland, a headstrong cabaret singer, Tonia, is imprisoned without explanation. Days become months, punctuated only by the physical and psychological torture of relentless interrogation. Over time, the relationship with her captors grows ever more complex. Krystyna Janda’s award-winning (1990 Cannes Film Festival Winner: Best Actress) portrayal of a woman’s fight for survival is mesmerising in its intensity. Based on true events, Ryszard Bugajski’s harrowing film was banned under martial law in Poland, but thrived on underground VHS after a copy was smuggled out by the director at great personal risk. Finally released after the Fall of Communism, the film remains a powerful and ever more relevant indictment of totalitarianism. "There is no whiff of unsavoury voyeurism about the film. Sombre and harrowing, enlivened by a few flashes of sour wit, it is a highly intelligent account" Hilary Mantel, The Spectator “Politically explosive… The film remains gripping and powerfully shocking.” Sight & Sound magazineDramaPT1H58M182024-08-04
Krystyna Janda
Adam Ferency
Janusz Gajos
Ryszard Bugajski
Tadeusz Drewno
Andrzej Wajda
Second Run Sundays: Interrogation (Przesłuchanie)"Second Run Sundays: Interrogation (Przesłuchanie)"


August 4, 1:00 pm

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