Once More With Ealing: Whisky Galore!

Scottish-American director Alexander Mackendrick made his debut with this 1949 Ealing comedy, set on the fictional isle of Todday and filmed on Barra in the Outer Hebrides. Based on a novel by Compton Mackenzie, itself based on a wartime incident in which the islanders of Eriskay relieved the wrecked SS Politician of its consignment of whisky, it’s a classic Ealing tale of good-natured subversion, affectionately depicting a community whose spirits rise or fall depending on their ready access to a decent dram. 1943 and the island of Todday is in a deep depression due to the lack of whisky thanks to the War. When a ship containing a bountiful cargo of 50,000 cases is wrecked off the coast, pompous English Home Guard commander, Waggett (Basil Radford) is determined not to let the islanders get their hands on it. But he hasn’t reckoned with the single-minded resourcefulness of the wily islanders, amongst them Joan Greenwood, Wylie Watson, Gordon Jackson, James Robertson Justice and John Gregson, plus many real-life local extras. Though filming on the Western Hebridean Isle of Barra over three summer months was plagued by terrible weather and went over budget, the film became a worldwide hit and was Ealing’s most profitable title.Comed/DramaPT1H24MU2024-07-21
Basil Radford
Catherine Lacey
Bruce Seton
Joan Greenwood
Wylie Watson
Gabrielle Blunt
Gordon Jackson
Jean Cadell
James Robertson Justice
Morland Graham
John Gregson
James Woodburn
James Anderson
Jameson Clark
Duncan Macrae
Mary MacNeil
Norman Macowan
Alastair Hunter
Henry Mollison
Compton MacKenzie
Finlay Currie
A. E. Matthews
Frank Webster
Alexander Mackendrick
Ealing Studios
Once More With Ealing: Whisky Galore!"Once More With Ealing: Whisky Galore!"


July 21, 1:00 pm

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