Once More With Ealing: Passport To Pimlico

When an unexploded WWII bomb is accidentally detonated in Pimlico, Arthur Pemberton (Stanley Holloway, My Fair Lady, The Lavender Hill Mob) and daughter Shirley (Barbara Murray, Some Will, Some Won’t) investigate the crater made by the explosion and discover a treasure trove including documents proving that the region is in fact part of Burgundy, France and therefore foreign territory. The residents are quick to act and take the opportunity to escape from post World War II austerity, tear up their ration books and break from English rule. However complications and comedic chaos ensues as the British Government attempt to regain control as a beleaguered Burgandy fight back. Academy Award nominated for Best Screenplay and nominated by BAFTA for Best British Film, sit back and enjoy a hysterical expression of fantasy rebellion and adventure in the little local town of Pimlico.ComedyPT1H24MU2024-06-23
Stanley Holloway
Margaret Rutherford
Basil Radford
Naunton Wayne
Hermione Baddeley
John Slater
Henry Cornelius
Ealing Studios
Once More With Ealing: Passport To Pimlico"Once More With Ealing: Passport To Pimlico"


June 23, 1:00 pm

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