Journey Through Italian Cinema: Rome, Open City

Phoenix presents a Journey Through Italian Cinema season. This wide-ranging exploration of the roots, context and legacy of Italian neorealism will offer new perspectives on one of the most influential movements in cinema history. We're celebrating one of the most significant post-war developments in cinema with four wonderful films. Rome, Open City was Roberto Rossellini’s revelation, a harrowing drama about the Nazi occupation of Rome and the brave few who struggled against it. Though told with more melodramatic flair than the films that would follow it to form The War Trilogy — Rome Open City is a shockingly authentic experience, conceived and directed amid the ruin of World War II, with immediacy in every frame. Marking a watershed moment in Italian cinema, this galvanic work garnered awards around the globe and left the beginnings of a new film movement in its wake. "Shot on the streets of Rome, and in a makeshift studio, only six months after the liberation of the city – while Germany still occupied Northern Italy – the film features a largely non-professional cast, except for Aldo Fabrizi and a magnetic and memorable Anna Magnani. Moving seamlessly between levity and brutality, this is reality in all its vivid dynamism and the beginning of a new way of seeing in cinema." Giulia Saccogna, BFI curator Italian neorealist drama PT1H43M12A2024-06-16
Aldo Fabrizi
Anna Magnani
Marcello Pagliero
Roberto Rossellini
Journey Through Italian Cinema: Rome, Open City"Journey Through Italian Cinema: Rome, Open City"Italian neorealist drama


June 16, 1:00 pm

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