Dance Revolutionaries

The film delves into the emotive world of two dance visionaries, choreographers Robert Cohan and Kenneth MacMillan, who redefined our connection to the art form. Cohan's pandemic-inspired solos explore life’s intimate moments, creating a self-portrait of the choreographer through his dancers. MacMillan’s Sea of Troubles, inspired by Shakespeare's Hamlet, poignantly explores universal human emotions of grief, rage, jealousy and the drive for revenge. Yorke Dance Project, in partnership with the Royal Ballet and director David Stewart and with award-winning artists Romany Padjak, Dane Hurst, and Jonathan Goddard, produces and performs this extraordinary journey, providing unprecedented access to the revolutionary works of Cohan and MacMillan.Dance, Performance, BalletPT1H14MPG2024-06-29
Dane Hurst
Romany Padjak
Edd Mitton
Jonathan Goddard
Freya Jeffs
Oxana Panchenko
Benjamin Warbis
David Stewart
Yorke Dance Project
Dance Revolutionaries"Dance Revolutionaries"


June 29, 3:00 pm

July 3, 6:00 pm

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